Cupca and Opriseni - Culture

On the Opriseni teritory functioning the orthodox church, builded between 1910 - 1927 with parishioners and Bucovina metropolitan church. Pentecostals was build a beautiful cult house and Iehova's witness have not until now a special house because are not so numerous. The commune have a nice cultural club, with large halls, festivities hall and a big show hall. Here are acting 8 creation circles, populat instruments ensemble - scoala"Mugurel" and a traditional dancers team. In the same building are village library and village council center. In Opriseni are also two houses for ceremony, stadium and a soocer team. People like Todirita Biletchi, his son Octavian, farmer Alexa Rotar have made pioneer's for organization and guide the cultural-artistical activity. In Opriseni commune was born many young poets, like Ion Bacu, Vasile Bacu, Doina Bojescu, Liviu Rusu, Silvian Rusu and writers, journalista and historian - Dumitru Covaliuc, Domnica Rotaru and Gheorghe Covaliuc. Beside this personalities, the Opriseni is laud with the composer Pintilei Bilechi-Ageculesei, the actor Florin Covaliuc, the famous popular muzician singer Maria Plantus and the regretted dancer from achademican ensemble "Joc" from Chisinau - Gheoghica Biletchi.

Regarding at Cupca village it was made a histrorical monography, printed in year 2004, that was made by prof. dr. eng. Petru Ciobanu, ec. Vasile Slanina and teacher Reveca Preplicean. Before that is made another monography deposit at Suceava County Library in year 1995 by the same authors. At these monographies was contribute with informations: Dragos Bolocan, Aurelia Manecan, Silvia Bancescu from Suceava, Ion Cucuruz from Bucharest and Vasile Timis, Valentina Sacaliuc and others from Cupca.

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