Cupca and Opriseni - Education

Cupca is a tipical Romanian village, standard for a larger ethnographical area and with a continuos oldness of 500 years. Because in year 1995 the Ukrainean language is the mandatory teaching language in national minorities scholls (replacing in this case Romanian language), The village Cupca has entered in the area of balanced bilingualism, the farmer become bilingual after one or two generation. In Austrian and Romanian period from the Cupca village has grown many intellectuals. Until now, thele was keeped in a lage amount the ethnographical values from ages, in some degree because here does not exist a loca industry which attract workers from other areas.

ScoalaThe school from Opriseni was build in year 1923, near of that a new modern and spacious schoolar building was erected in year 2004 on the village expenses. In this complex founctioning the medium school, with 450 local schollars which are learning in romanian language. In Opriseni commune it is one more small school that is the 9 years school from Slobozia village, with 75 - 80 schoolars. The Opriseni commune give also to nation and humanity, people with a great value - savants like Maximilian Hacman, Ioan Biletchi-Albescu , Micea Ghiliceanu, Nicolae Biletchi, Simion Biletchi. Here was born the passionate members of Society for Culture and Literature in Bucovina - Dimitrie Seleschi and Pantelimon Birau, famous teachers, journalists and artists .

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