Cupca and Opriseni - Social Infomation

Though the Cupca village have, in period of austian and Soviet administration at un-nationalized measures, and on it teritory was establish, beside to local population, immigrants from Transilvania and Galitia, the population sill remain Romanian in percentage of 92% in year 1930 and 98% in year 1992.

The inhabitants number from Opriseni is almost 2.500, the most numerous population are Romanian (99%). During the last years the building rate has grown and the village become larger and modernized, look like a small town. The commune had 622 houses which are new or almost new. From the total number of registered population are 258 young peoples util 30 years and old peoples are in number of 514. The schollar number is 486 . The Opriseni commune have a little village attached named Slobozia. This small village have only 171 houses and 489 inhabitant, and in it school is teaching in Ukrainean language.

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