Cupca and Opriseni - History

The Cupca village was documentary attested on the first time in year 1429 durring the reign of Alexandru cel Bun. The village name is originar from Slav word "kupa" which mean: hill - with diminutive "kupka", i.e. knoll. The Opriseni village was firstly mentioned in documents of Moldavian office at 17 Mach 1418. The archeological research made in region extend more in past the possible date of this villages foundation, that area been inhabited as far back as in the middle of first century before Cristos by "costoboci", after by the tracians, celtic and "bastarni". In VI-th century, come here the Slav people. In Moldavian period (1429 - 1775), the muzeuCupca village was mentioned two times in documents: in deed from August 1474 and in deed from February 1503. Between 1775 and 1848, Bucovina - and toghether with that the Cupca and Opriseni village - was incorporated to Galitia as the 19 District of Habzburgic Empire. In this age have been place the total break of new Austrian district by juridical, echonomical and religious connection to Moldavia and integration of Bucovina as a polithical and echonomical entity in empire. This perioad is apreciated by historics as been good for Bucovina's development on all aspects. In period 1849 - 1918 ahve been made in Bucovina and also in Austria major chages on all the plans, the young people from Cupca and Opriseni have been forced to participate at Austrian wars. Finally Bucovina merge with Romania, until to 1940. The integration process of Bucovina in administratif and polithical structures of Romanian Country have last about 10 years. For this district administration was been constitute in Cernauti a local gouvern. The religion was continued to have in this period also a greather infuence to inhabitants. In Cupca and Opriseni, the farmers and intelectuals spoken in family and between them the romanian language. The intelectuals spoker a language closest to the literar Romanian language, the farmes and artisans use between they the moldavian language with some German words and rarely with Ukrainean words. Bucovina have been occupied at 28 June 1940 by the red army, after that the Soviet boder guars habe been colse the border with Romania. After that the Romanian authorities have been negociate with Sovietic authorities to permit to romanian people to cross over in thay country - Romania, by this thing was not permited to people who was born in Basarabia and Bucovina. Many families from Cupca and Opriseni was deported becuase they don't agree with Soviet gouvernance. In perioad 22 June 1941 - 31 March 1944, Bucovina was been again occupy by romanian army. In year 1946 the Soviet Union change the village name from Opriseni to Dubivca. In year 1991, 90% from inhabitants vote for the Ukaina independence and in 1996 the village come back to name of Opriseni.

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