Cupca and Opriseni - Community Presentation

The villages Cupca and Oproseni are placed in Hliboca District, Cernauti Region, Ukraine.

general viewIn geographicaly point of view, Cupca and Opriseni are situated in North-East part of Suceva Tableland. The Cupca teritory is sliced by hydrographicat neto of Small Siret River, which is a right side afhluent of river Siret. At west, the skiline is limited by hills with descendeting height, which are placed perpendicular on Obcinele Bucovinei. From North and East, the Opriseni village is guarded by forests composed by beech, hornbeam and spurce fir. The soils are pour in forests vecinity, with yellow colour, and in some places are stony . The productive soils are placed in rivers vicinity. This area are favorable for planting of following cultures: potatoes, grain, mangel and sugar, corn, oat, vegetables and fodder cultures, like lucerne, clover and vetch. The many places with grazing fields assure the domestic animals food.

The climate is continental temperate, specific for tableland zone (200 - 800 m). The annual average temperature is between 6ºC to 8ºC and the annual quantity of rain and snow is between 600 and 1000 l / mp.

The total surface of Cupca village is 2.302 ha and ti have a population of 2.405 inhabitants, in percentage of 98% Romanians. The Opriseni Commune or Pantiri (popular name that the village have from the first half of XVIII-th century) have a surface of 6.52 kmp and it is also 535 ha agricultural lands, which of 409.2 ha are arable soil.

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