Cupca and Opriseni - Tourism

In Cupca - Opriseni area are the following touristical ojectifs:

The archeological and ethnografical museum "Maximilian Hacman", which have been created in old vicharage. The museumis composed by 4 exhibition of village history, starting with paleolithic until today. The unique objets exposed here, was found on de village teritory. The objective have name of the great bucovinean intellectual, jurist and historic, born at Opriseni.

At Storojineţ is placed a large dendrological park, one of the principal turistical objectifs from Cernăuţi Region, with a colletion of above 1200 scpecies of plants.

MitropoliaIn Cernăuţi town it can visit The Municipal Museum, Red Army Monument, Ethnological Museum where it can observe the rural life in Bucovina, The Diaspora's Museum from Ukraine, The Theatre or The University - a teaching institute with a oldness of 130 yeats, that have The Mirrors Hall, where Iancu Flondor and the other romanian patriots have decided in 1918 the union of Bucovina with Romania. In principal square it can see the Mayory building, Schevchenko monument, the old postal office, the German House and Art Museum, where it can be admired the exhibit from XIX and XX century. In central area is placed also the Orthodox Cathedral, a special monument.

This site was created in PHARE RO 2006/018-449.01.01.07  Project - ” The Promotion of the cultural values and touristic potential in Romanian-Ukrainian cross-broder by establish The Cultural - Touristic Complex “Cacica Nationalities House”.