Cacica - Culture

In addition of teaching activity, the teachers, that been passing in commne schools, has devepol a large cultural activity for commune inhabitants.
CulturaThe Cacica commune has two dormitories cultural villages in Upper Pîrteştii and Cacica, both with a capacity of approximately 400 seats each.

Soloneţu New activates Association "Dom Polski" in an office arranged for about 250 seats.

Village consists of Cacica House pilgrims "who is the Parish Roman - Catholic.

The whole village turns Cacica wild since 1999 and the band dance and traditional Polish customs Solonceanca.

The cultural events programme in commune is the following:

- The Peasants Ball - the next day after Orthodox Easter - annualy in Pirtestii de Sus

- Ball for Patron of Church - 2 June - annualy in Cacica

- Miner Day - show organized in period 10 - 12 August - annualy in Cacica

- Pilgrimage at Maria Saint- 15 August - Shows with Dancens in suroundings areas- annualy in Cacica

- Harvest Day - Show and Ball - Solonetu Nou - September - annualy in Solonetu Nou

- Ball for Patron of Church - 8 November - annualy in Pirtestii de Sus

- Carnival Parties (before Lent and Advent)

- Branch of Fir Tree Festival - 26 December - annualy

- Meeting for population information - periodicaly

- Shows made in collaboration with schools - 8 March, 1 June, 1 December, 26 December

- Various Activities and shows (circus, presentations, advertising etc)

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