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Cacica (in Polish language - Kaczyka) is a village from Suceava District. The village name is original from Polish language, the word “kacyka” meand “duck”.

Having a surface of 67,55 km², Cacica commune is considered to be medium-size, being on number 45 among the county's settlements (cities and communes). Out of the 90 communes of the county, Cacica commune is on number 54 considering the number of inhabitants.

The inhabitance density is of 62,9 inhabitants/ km², with 17,3% lower than the county's density, placing the commune among the places with medium density, occupying the 67th place among the other settlements (cities and communes) and 66th place among the communes.


Cacica, by its geographical position, is particularly beautiful in the landscape, the decor being created by grassland and hay which appear on flat land of the commune and by the surrounding coniferous forests.


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