Cacica - Community Presentation

Cacica commune is placed in the middle of Suceava county, in tableland and hills zone at cross of nationale road - DN 2E Paltinoasa - Solca and county road - DJ 178A Pirtestii de Sus - Costina, DJ 178E Botosana - Pirtestii de Sus. The distance to Suceava city is 40 km and to Solca town is 10 km.


The commune relief is integrant part of Sucava's Tableland: in North-East part are hills hollow and in South-West are some hills, made by the contact of a mountain region with a hills hollow.

The climate is continental temperate, specific for tableland zone (200 - 800 m). The annual average temperature is between 6ºC to 8ºC and the annual quantity of rain and snow is between 600 and 1000 l / mp.

The zone vegetation is forests made by coniferous and leafy trees in surface of 3.000 ha. The soil from Cacica is brown forest podzolic.

Because of natural conditions, the commune inhabitans work for leaving at domanil that this land acn offer, respectively the animals rise, forestry operation and wood prelucration, the agriculture. Despite of technical progress, tha Cacica's inhabitants don't renounce to this ocupation until this time.

The total commune surface is 67,55 kmp which is divided in agricultural surface - 3.004 ha (1.431 ha - arable soil, 1.546 ha - grazing fields, 27 ha - orchands) si un-agricultural surface - 3.751 ha (3.000 ha -forests, 751 ha - other).

Cacica is acommune with vast lands where prevail the forests, agricultural soils and grazing fields.

This site was created in PHARE RO 2006/018-449.01.01.07  Project - ” The Promotion of the cultural values and touristic potential in Romanian-Ukrainian cross-broder by establish The Cultural - Touristic Complex “Cacica Nationalities House”.