Romanian-Ukranian Cross-Border Programe

The general objective of project is the improuvement of cross border integration between the border areas and making a solid foundation for cultural and economical development.
The project activities are the same like objectives and priorities of programme, as following:
- The development of cross-border cooperation for point out the social-cultural heritage, bound of history and local medium by promotig of turistical exchange between Romania and UKraina, especialy between Cacica commune (North-East region) and Kupca - Opriseni (Cernauti Region, Holboca District) by establish a Cultural-touristic Complex “Nationality House”;
- The commune values consolidation that are already existent for supporting a new cycle of durable development by making joints between this two regions. For cross-board tourism promotion from Bucovina, 50 schoolars, 8 teachers and 35 persons from local administration, cultural and tourism institution, at events organzed between the three partner villages;
- The improuvement of houman resources quality in cross-border cooperation area.
In scope of continuing and developing the zone characteristic activivity (festivals, balls, pilgrimages) at cross-border scale, it is neccesary to set up the infrastructure for accomodation, meal and place to perform. Building of Cultural- touristic Complex, with a accomodation capacity of 15 places, give to tha Cacica cultural area the oportunity to grow the quantity and quality of cultural-historical events by the services for informations and specialization.
The cultural-historical actions provided to be carry on Cultural - touristic Complex “Casa Nationalitatilor” Cacica will have scope to improuve the abilities in cultural-hisorical domain, in this way the project will encourage the participants from the bouth sides to develop o special conscience of they commun historical apartenence lor through this exchanges and to discover or revive a stonger thinking way from a past lived toghether to a commun eupean future.
Also will be organized common meetings in scope of being familar with tradition, will be created a web-site for touristical promovation of Cacica (Romania), Kupca and Opriseni (Ukraina).

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This site was created in PHARE RO 2006/018-449.01.01.07  Project - ” The Promotion of the cultural values and touristic potential in Romanian-Ukrainian cross-broder by establish The Cultural - Touristic Complex “Cacica Nationalities House”.