Cacica - Tourism

Cacica commune, that is geographicaly placed in the heart of Bucovina area, give to the tourist many facilities for leasure and tourism. In local plan, it can be visit small touristical directions, in a unpoluted nature pleased for eyes and soul, but also touristical objectives with high value:

Salina CacicaThe bigest attraction in Cacica is The Salt Mine which have a industrial purpose until two century, industrial de peste doua veacuri, in addition the salt mine is known for his salt water spring (pinkle) which are here from over 20.000 years. The mine visitation begining with museal expozition placed in the romm next from entrance, after that you can see Varvara Saint Chapel - teh Saint is the Chatolic miners - that is at 27 m depth from surface, the salt laket (38 m), dance hall (44 m) and equipments expozition.

Romano-Catholic Church from Cacica was build in neo-gothic style in year 1904 by Polish community from this village. In year 2000, Pope Ioan Paul II addmit the importance of Mary's pilgrims from this church, give for it the title of Basilica Minor. Inside de church you can see the beautiful strained-glass windows, that are made in gold dust, and represent the Mistery on God Mother Rosary and Virgin Mary - Black Modona wooden icon that make miracles.

The direction that is possible to make by walk in one day are: Cacica - Plesa, village with many Polish inhabitants (cca 10 km, two ways) with passing of Calugartita hill; Cacica - Manastirea Humorului, village that is kwon for it monastery (cca 12 km, both ways) also with passing of Calugarita Hill but to S-E; Cacica - Solonetu Nou - Maidan (cca 10 km), this direction have pitoresquely landscapes and give the opportunity to visit the Romano - Catholic Churc; Cacica - Solca (16 km) where it can visit the Stefan's Tomsa Monastery (1614) and ethnografical house - museum. The walking on the commune green hills can be very pleasant and in Parluca forest, to winding road to Gura Humorului, is a spring with ironing water, used by inhabitans by ages for anaemia treatment.

This site was created in PHARE RO 2006/018-449.01.01.07  Project - ” The Promotion of the cultural values and touristic potential in Romanian-Ukrainian cross-broder by establish The Cultural - Touristic Complex “Cacica Nationalities House”.